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A spring checklist for landlords

Just as spring brings the opportunity for home owners to look at their property with a fresh perspective, it’s also a great time for landlords to consider a few essential maintenance items.

With spring now well and truly upon us, here’s a quick checklist for landlords.

Gutter clean

In most areas of Australia spring brings an increased likelihood of storm activity, with some regions also readying for the annual cyclone season.

Now’s the time for maintenance like a gutter clean to ensure your gutters are free of debris and channel water in a heavy downpour.

Gutters that are clear of leaf litter also minimise a property’s bushfire risk, while the weight of leaves in a gutter can cause them to sag and break prematurely.

Roof check

While attention is turned to the gutters, it’s also a great opportunity for a roof check, just to make sure that tin or those tiles remain in good condition. Roof issues can result in leaks that quickly damage a property, and the costs can soon add up. So prevention is always better than any required cure.

Part of that roof check might also involve an audit and clean of any solar panels, just to make sure they work efficiently.

Gardens and trees

Spring is the prime time to consider the garden and perhaps arrange a little upkeep, for example some tree trimming or general tidying.

It’s worth bearing in mind, tree limbs that touch the house can be a gateway for termites, while branches that overhang the home can cause serious damage in a storm.

Part of that upkeep might involve a little much on the garden beds, or a professional hedge trim.


Excess water that pools around a property has the potential to damage footings, and flood areas of the home, while also providing a moist and fertile area for pests like mosquitoes and termites.

That makes now the ideal time to consider having your exterior drainage assessed and cleared if necessary to allow for the free flow of water away from the home.

Termites and pests

On the subject of termites and pests – When was your last pest inspection and treatment? Some regions are more prone to termites and general pests than others, so this should be regular maintenance task on every landlord’s calendar.


Many of these maintenance items are about minimising risk to a property and protecting its value.

And of course another important element of risk mitigation and property protection is insurance. Now could be a great time to reassess whether your building and landlord insurance continues to meet your property’s needs and factors in any changed circumstances. 

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